Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Penny Backsplash

While cleaning I had some change on the counter top that I put against the wall and the granite in order to wipe off my counters. While doing so, I realized how the penny had the same tones as my counter top and cabinets and I really thought that the colors of the granite, cabinets and different tones of the pennies really complement each other. After doing some research on how I could utilizes the pennies I decided to make a penny backsplash and ended up with something like this.

 Unfortunately, I did not take pictures before I did the backsplash or during the process; however, I will write down every step I took to accomplish this look. I started this project when I was about 4 months pregnant and bored out of my mind, and thank goodness I was bored because putting up these pennies one by one really took up a lot of time.

I started putting up the pennies from the corners out and from the bottom up. I initially started to super glue them on the wall; however, that was extremely expensive (Due to super glue being so pricey) Not only was it expensive but also with the super glue I would have to add pressure to the pennies for a while so they really stick and do not fall off. We ended up buying construction adhesive I believe it was called Loctite Power Grab Adhesive and this was a life saver. This product made it much easier to glue the pennies on the wall in a much shorter time.

For areas like this corner it was very easy to bend the pennies to fit the curves, all I needed were two pliers to do the bending. In certain cases the pennies would just break off in halves which I kept for areas where a regular penny would not fit. For example in the picture above the bottom pennies by the window are only halves.

When I glued the pennies on the wall I made sure they were straight and right on top of each other. I assumed my counter tops were straight so the first pennies that went up were basically sitting on the counter top. 

Once all the pennies were glued on the wall (which took about 3 months, Pregnancy did not help the process) I chose a darker toned grout from Lowes and grouted the whole backsplash. I've had so many compliments on the backsplash and I am in love with it. When the sun or any light hits it the right way my whole backsplash lights up. I LOVE IT and would highly recommend for any DIYer to do this. 
It was easy, it was a long process, but it looks fabulous.